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Emailers, as a form of online communication, allow you to promote your enterprise offerings to your user group in a way that's more personal and insightful that most other methods. This medium, by virtue of its personal approach, allows you to inform, cajole and provoke your user group into buying what you have to offer. Our unique take on emailers is what makes our interactive campaigns stand out from the rest. Read more.


Newsletters are online communications that enable you to establish and maintain a continuing personal equation with your audiences. Newsletters allow you to provide your user groups information on the latest company happenings and innovations, thus keeping you connected with your 'sphere of influence'. Click here to know what we think an effective newsletter campaign can do for your brand.

Web Banners

Banner ads, or web banners, are the online equivalent of flashing street signs that attempt to attract and redirect your attentions. Banners could be static or dynamic, with dynamic graphic content or embedded user controls. Bells and whistles apart, their essential purpose remains bringing the user to the landing page they are affiliated with. Read more on what we think a good banner should be able to do for your site.