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Our take on Interactive Marketing

  1. Do downloadable eBrochures in PDF format help in conversions?

    We firmly believe that your website is your most formidable marketing tool. And it also doesn't hurt to have utilities that can lead to interested prospects, and as we like to believe, increased sales. User interest can be perked up through brochures and related collaterals that you offer through your site. Additionally, applications that capture user details as they download brochures also help in prioritizing their interests, all that which adds towards converting your leads to sales.

  2. Do Blogs help in taking your brand's word to a wider audience?

    Essentially a two-way conversation between you and your user groups, blogs allow you to tell your audience what you think, what you have to offer them, and what they can expect from you. Also, by responding to what they have to say, you emphasize your willingness to listen to them. You show them that you care, and are always accessible to them. Do you still need a reason?

  3. Are Webinars an effective way to generate business leads?

    Webinars give you an audience that's already attuned to your line of thought, and interested in what you have to say. That's obviously the reason why they signed up in the first place, isn't it? Moreover, if they like what they see and hear, you then have at your disposal, people who are interested in your enterprise offerings and who could be persuaded for a commercial relationship. And as we believe, webinars are an effective tool to measure the effectiveness of your marketing message and conversion techniques.

  4. Is a well-planned Media Plan better than the creative?

    We have always believed in the utility of a media plan that covers all bases before taking the plunge. By fixating on the channels and media where you'd like your advertising message to appear, the media plan can actually determine the kind of creatives that will be designed and executed for every medium. So, in effect, the media plan drives the creative side of the campaign. Or as we are fond of saying, brain over beauty anytime!

  5. Is Mobile an integral channel of interactive marketing?

    By giving users the power to collaborate and manipulate information on a scale unlike before, the mobile has today evolved as a tool of considerable significance to mould mass opinion. Moreover, through campaigns that can drive your brand message to your users through their personal devices, the mobile platform has been established as a major tool for influencing brand opinion. Catching them on the move, that is.

  6. Do you think RSS is here to stay?

    Technology is essentially meant to make life easier, that's what we like to believe. Going by that line of thought, what would you say for a platform that gives you uninterrupted access to the latest information, as and when it is updated, and also safeguards your privacy while at it? That's RSS for you. And what's more, by relieving you of the need to visit each site personally for your informational needs, it also frees you and your resources for other relevant tasks. So what does this tell you about RSS technology?

  7. Do Bookmarking tools help in increasing your website's ranking?

    By creating backlinks to your site across networks and groups, bookmarking tools actually make your site more visible on the web. Moreover, the prominence of your site on bookmarked links tells other users that your site has been reviewed and recommended by those who know their stuff. Add to this the factor that most search engine algorithms evaluate the worthiness of a site based on its linkage with external web content, and you have enough reasons to claim that bookmarking tools do help your site in being more visible. Sure helps to have good content, doesn't it?

  8. Is Microblogging better than an SMS Campaign?

    As a marketing tool, we sincerely believe there are few that come close to the immediacy and accessibility offered by a microblog. Moreover, because of their unswerving prominence on search listings on account of their constantly updating content, microblogs are also the quickest way to get your message to your user group. In addition, by allowing you users to contribute, microblogs also establish strong customer relationships and added brand loyalty. As we always like to say, your audience is also your biggest marketing tool.

  9. Do Discussion Forums help in addressing consumer grouses?

    It's good to know people are talking about you. It shows they are interested. If you'd like to know how your brand is being perceived by your audience, we would advocate keeping your ears open to what the web is talking about you. The anonymity and freedom of online forums allows users to be expressively candid about their individual product experiences. By keeping track of their concerns, and by indicating your willingness to address them, not only do you earn their goodwill, you also get feedback to make improvements on your products and services.