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  1. Should a Website be a mere extension of your corporate brochure?

    The guy who came up with 'Content is King', sure knew what he was talking about. Especially when we are talking about a point of contact that enables your potential customers to get an elaborate glimpse of your organization and all it has to offer. Unlike your brochure, your portal can offer tools and value added information that will give users reasons strong enough to do business with you. And as always, the stuff inside matters. The stuff on your website, to be precise.

  2. Is User Experience as important as Consumer Behavior?

    The symbiotic relationship between consumer behavior and user experience essentially forms the bedrock for a sites' online survival. By analyzing your visitor preferences and footprints, you come to know how to make their on-site experience a more profitable one. An improved experience brings in more visitors and as a result, increased sales. And as a fact that applies to both the real and virtual worlds, one happy user does bring in many more.

  3. Do adding useful applications help in lead conversions?

    By providing applications that give your visitors easy access to information and tools relevant to their own ventures, you get users who are appreciative of what you are able to offer them. In other words, prospects.

    Also, it does help to include utilities that capture user details as they look for information on your portal, which furthermore helps in identifying them and their specific interest in your enterprise offerings. All it takes is a sustained nurturing campaign that will convince them of the viability of doing business with you.

  4. Is a Content Management System is essential for all categories of websites?

    The kind of audience perception you want for your brand, and the offerings you provide on your site to achieve this, primarily decide the content management framework for your portal. Obviously, this does emphasize the gospel truth that every website needs to have an information dissemination framework structured for its individual requirements. Moreover, since a site basically exists to convey information on some level, it won't be incorrect to say that a content management framework of some level of complexity is an essential element for every website.

  5. Do Interactive Video files on a website consume a lot of bandwidth?

    Videos offering enhanced user interaction have a habit of reaching out and connecting with users on a deeper level than their more conventional counterparts.

    Here lies the catch, interactive videos with their embedded applications and media rich content consume considerable server real estate and bandwidth. Limitations on which could lead to a loss of video quality or even a refusal to load and play, which of course won't win you any points with your audience. So the bottom line is, it pays to make sure you have the goods ready before you go public.