Over one billion estimated users surf the net in a native language other than English, and only 15 % of businesses offer more than one language on their websites. Are you missing out on millions of potential customers?

We help you cater to your stake holders in the different markets worldwide, by localizing your online material to account for the differences in the distinct markets. Entering the local markets by adapting your communication to the local culture and business sensibilities, you gain faster acceptance and gives you the first-mover advantage.

i-Vista provides a single window solution for enterprise localization needs with services that include content translation, project management and efficient vendor support with end-to-end online marketing strategies. For brands venturing into hitherto untapped foreign markets,To us localization is not translation. It's weaving in a distinct flavour to the local language and then updating it periodically to ensure hits in the search engines. Therefore our program is not just a onetime conversion but an ongoing conversation.

In the present day market scenario, where the developing countries, especially the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations are driving market growth, our specifically designed framework will help you tap millions of potential customers.