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  1. Can Paid Placement help you optimize your other web pages?

    As much as we are fond of declaring that content is king, there are instances when even the virtues of refreshed and relevant content may not be enough to push your site to the top of the search heap. By allowing you to bid on keywords appropriate to your overall site content, or even to distinct pages of the site, placement targeting makes sure your ads and banners appear prominently beside all related searches and web content. In doing so, you engage the user and bring him to your pages that are relative to his search. Moreover,to make sure they also visit your other pages, you need to provide further content that's related to what they are looking for. At the end of the day, it's the content that decides.

  2. Can Text Ads be affected by ad blocking software?

    There are those who consider text ads to be the poorer cousins of web banners. Even though text ads may lack the former's eye catching appeal, their unsung advantages lie in the fact that they download easily and more significantly, remain unaffected by ad blocking software. That makes them a strong agent in making your site more visible and obviously, bringing more traffic to your website. 'Poor' cousin indeed!

  3. Does Keyword Targeting mean better reach for your ads?

    Content is king. And so it has always been. But even the virtues of fresh and relevant content may not help your site from online obscurity if the keywords relevant to your site keep bringing up other sites. By allowing you to bid on keywords applicable to your site content, keyword targeting makes sure everytime someone searches using the keywords you bid on, you enable your ads to appear beside all related search results and inside relevant external web content. Also, by defining the parameters of your targeting, you can precisely target the audience you want. Or as we like to claim, going where no ad has gone before.

  4. Does Placement Targeting mean precision driven advertising?

    By virtue of its exactness, placement targeting allows you to choose where you would like to see your brand message appear, and thus enables you to target an audience of your choice. You can promote an existing brand or a new product by choosing the website, specific web page, or even the video or RSS feed where you would like your ads to be displayed. Moreover, by enabling audience segmentation by user behavior and industry verticals, placement targeting brings more value to your budget. Undeniably more bang for your buck, isn't it?