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Among the billions of websites that have crowded the online space, making yourself visible isn’t as easy as many assume it to be. Marketing your online content through Search Engine Optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion is the key to make an impact in your stake holders mind. We understand the intricacies of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and provide you with solutions to establish a viable web presence for your business.

Through our systematic and qualitative approach, we examine your needs and optimize solutions to give you the required results. While there is a significant debate in the online space regarding Pay per Click(PPC) Vs Organic Search; as a better tool in SEM, we leverage on the advantages of Organic Search as well as PPC, but with a greater significance on Organic Search to give you unsurpassed results. i-Vista’s SEM solutions deliver high on productivity, relevance and value, making it the ideal choice.

Organic Placement

Organic Placement, also known as "Free Listings", occurs when a search engine recognizes the relevancy of a site to certain terms and searches. It does this by gathering information from throughout the site and from relevant links and directory listings. Your website is eventually placed on the results pages at no cost for the keywords it is felt most relevant for. For more on how we think organic placement can be used to optimize your site, click here.

Directory Listings

Online Directory listings enable individuals and organizations to look up specific services and products and analyze their worthiness for possible business relationships. To read more on the utility of online directory listings, click here.

Social Search

Social search or a social search engine determines the relevancy of search results by considering the interactions or contributions of users who have reviewed the content and found it worthy. This user-based approach to relevance is in contrast to established algorithmic or machine-based approaches where relevance is based on content or link structure of the webpages. This is also the reason why we believe in its utility in bringing up more current results.

Paid Placement

More commonly known as PPC or 'Pay-Per-Click', paid placement is a system where you are allowed to place bids on keywords that correspond to your online content, and get your site and advertisements displayed where you want them to be. The highest bid set per click for a given keyword receives the highest ranking in the sponsored results. This means you pay the amount you bid each time someone clicks on your website link. Read more on our paid placement initiatives and how we can optimize your individual web pages.

Text based Advertising

Text based advertising, in its various avatars of contextual and in-text advertising, enables every word across the internet to become an opportunity for advertisers to engage with their customers. Our text based advertising initiatives allow you to maximize the potential of your online content to generate newer revenue streams. Read more on how we achieve this.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting enables you to bid on keywords that are relative to your online content and enterprise offerings. This technique makes sure everytime someone searches using keywords relevant to your online content; your ads get displayed alongside the search results. Read how our keyword targeting initiatives allow you to control your ad placements.

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting allows you to choose who you would like to target and where you would like to reach them. In other words, this technique enables you to segment your user group by their online preferences, audience behavior or even specific industry segments. Allow us to tell you about our take on the precision targeting possibilities offered by this technique.