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Our take on Search Engine Optimization

  1. Is Organic Placement all about placing banners organically?

    Sure, well designed and strategically placed banners can always bring traffic to your site, but what keeps the user there is content. As we have consistently advocated through our body of work, the content of your site is what decides your ranking on the organic search results. It helps to have content that is relevant, updated regularly, and offers information that your user groups find useful for their own needs. Also, it doesn't hurt to have an html structure that appeals to the search engine crawlers.

  2. Can listing your brand in a Directory fetch leads?

    In a world that's increasingly becoming more reliant on the web, it is an inevitability that enterprises looking for product and service providers will turn to online directories to get what they want. Including your brand in business directories allows interested entities to look you up and reach out to you for possible collaborations. On the other side of the mirror, efficient directory listings give you control of lead generation and sales prospecting by enabling you to search and generate business lists by looking up suitable business prospects. Either way, it's good to be listed.

  3. Does Social Search mean more current results?

    Social search is increasingly being seen as the next big thing to hit web search, an appellation we genuinely believe in. Since unlike traditional algorithmic search, social search actually enables individual users like you to evaluate the relevancy of online content, and elevate it in search rankings through your feedback and recommendations. And since a social search engine is consistently being updated with the latest user feedback, it is able to display results that are more current or in context with the refreshed content. As we say, more power to the people.