Viral MarketingViral Marketing

Viral Marketing creates the potential for exponential growth by designing messages that will gain tremendous exposure and influence people to pass on the message. It may be a video clip, interactive flash game, e-book, or text message, it can take any form, but what is common is that the message is unconventional and makes an emotional connect with the user instantly. And we at i-vista do just that. We help you design messages that strike a chord with the user by making the user a collaborator of the campaign. This will help to spread the message without you having to push for it.

Our viral marketing solutions impact people, right from the employees and customers to our business partners, just like a stone dropped in a pond that creates ripples, one larger than the other. i-vista’s comprehensive marketing campaigns will transform your audience into brand evangelists and you will stand out as the winner.

Social Media and Viral Marketing

Social media is essentially that part of the online landscape which describes online tools and platforms used by consumers to share insights, opinions and experiences with each other. In other words, a platform that allows for the fastest propagation of ideas possible through the online media. Our unique take on social media enables us to conceive newer ways to convey your brand message to your user groups. Know how here.