Brand Experience


A website is a collection of interlinked web pages, images, videos and other digital assets hosted on a web server, and accessed via the Internet. A website is usually the first glimpse a visitor has of your enterprise, and as such, it is important that your website provides him all the information about you and your enterprise. The various categories of websites in common prevalence are corporate sites, brand marketing sites, which also include microsites and e-commerce sites. Read more to know what we believe your website should be able to do for your enterprise.

User Experience Development

User experience is a term used to describe the essential experience a web user has, as a result of their interactions with a particular online system or interface, its service, and related artifacts. It addresses and integrates all user-centric aspects of an enterprise, from email and portals to its off-site presence. User experience is usually clubbed with usability, information architecture, and user interface design.

Read about our proven belief in the virtues of an efficient user experience and what it can do for your enterprise.

Online Applications

Portal based applications, are built specific to your information dissemination needs and are relative to the kind of digital content you offer through your portal. Your applications thus, need to be user friendly and unobtrusive, in order to give your visitors a positive experience.

Read more on how we think your portal applications can be made use of to develop more prospects for your enterprise.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems are usually a computer application used to manage the work flow needed to collaboratively create, edit, review, index, search, publish and archive various kinds of digital media and electronic text. The content management needs of your enterprise portal depend to a great deal on the digital content you offer to your visitors and the security issues therein. Read to know more about our belief in the virtues of an efficient content management system for websites.

Interactive Video files

Interactive Video files, as compared to their conventional counterparts, offer an increased amount of interactivity to the users through embedded user controls. And in doing so, create a deeper brand connection with them. But what precautions must an enterprise take before providing interactive video files on its website? Allow us to tell you.