Lead ManagementLead Management

i-Vista provides Web-based lead tracking software to businesses that seek to improve their sales pipeline and increase visibility among their stakeholders.

Our lead software is domain specific, proven and covers several verticals and functional areas including IT, BPO, Financial Services, Sales, Recruitment. We can customize our platform for just about any vertical or functional area.

Our software is flexible enough to accommodate the unique workflow needs of any sales organization in any industry. And we understand the unique landscape of the lead generation market and specialize in helping companies increase ROI from leads that are generated online.

What we can do for you:

  • Set follow-up reminders, track appointments and manage new lead alerts
  • Prioritize high quality leads first and focus on leads that need attention
  • Filter and track leads, and push them into a sales force automation tool
  • Track key performance metrics and easily calculate ROI by lead source. The system will analyze the data regularly and report the lead contacts to the sales force, which the sales force will use for sales campaigns. The analysis of data will be done on predefined filters and keywords as the case may be.
  • Role based access to act upon a lead with inbuilt reminders, escalation and exceptions with notifications through email or widgets
  • Reduce manual intervention to track lead contacts
  • The system also has built-in intelligence to trace contacts which sounds like the search filter